14th May 2012


Yesterday I was floating in my pool and it made me realize how much I love the water and how great it is for your Makeup( skin),Body and Soul.

I was sitting in the pool and the hot tubs hot water was spilling over onto my back and it made me think of a spa treatment that I absolutely love and want to share.

It is called a VICHY SHOWER.

This was originated in Vichy France.

The treatment is you lay down on a padded table that has warm water bubbling out of it. Over you there are 5 to 7 shower heads that have cool to cold water coming out of them.

The sensation of your body being slightly immersed in warm water with cool water also showering over your body is incredible.. It produces the sensation of floating on water. The movement of so much water on your skin many beneficial results.

Some benefits are:

  • For your skin…..Hydrates your cells by increasing skin and muscle tone .

Stimulating blood drawing it to the surface of your skin.

  • For your body…It helps boost your immune system.

Removes toxins and waste through your elimination system.

  • For your soul….Reduces stress through nerve stimulation.

You feel more relaxed because it reduces muscle tension.

Now if you can find a spa in your area that does this treatment it is a real treat.

If you can afford it and have the room you can buy a Vichy spa system for home (around6,000.00  yikes!)

Or you can do a modified treatment in your home. (Now obviously not as intense as a spa or the real table but you can still get some benefits by this modification.)

If you have a bathtub that is in your shower you can first do a salt scrub on your body.

Then put enough warm water in your bathtub to immerse your body halfway in.

Once you are in take your shower head and with cool to cold water (whatever you can tolerate) and move that all over your body. Do that for 5 to 10 minutes.

This feels great! Try to do this once a week for 6 to 8 weeks and you will see an improvement in skin tone,muscle aches and your skin will be glowing . Not to mention how great you will feel inside as well!!

Let me know how you like this…

Enjoy Cheri

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