14th May 2012


Hi…I’m Cheri and this is my first blog.

Makeup Body and Soul was conceived because I have not only been a professional makeup artist since I have been a teenager (yes a teenager) but I always was interested in having a healthy body and soul.

I have been studying ,researching, developing and experimenting with new makeup products and techniques for the past couple of decades. I discovered early on that when I am designing the makeups for a character in a Movie or TV show you need to take everything in account.  ie:  the story, the characters past, where they  have been and where they are going etc.

Well in real life designing your own beauty is very similar. Not only should you be thinking of how to esthetically look your best but also how to keep your body in tip top condition and more importantly work on your internal beauty.

By working on complete satisfaction and acceptence of your own beauty it opens up so many avenues for you to light up your entire life. When you achieve inner beauty this will shine through to your outer beauty.. This website is designed to give you insights and thought on how to continually evolve to look and feel your best.

You are creating your own picture….

Peace and love, Cheri

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