14th May 2012


Hi…. Last time I gave you a little bit of philosophy about my beliefs. That got me thinking about how I got so interested in makeup and bodies and souls.

When I was little I grew up on the beach at Lake Ontario. Now that truly is a blessing because it is so beautiful. Although as a child like most kids I didn’t realize how awesome that was because it was my house and my life and I didn’t know any different.

Now as an adult I know that I was so fortunate to grow up there on the beach at the lake.

Whenever I need to bring myself to a place of total relaxation or peace I close my eyes and I am back there…on the beach, feeling the wind and hearing the waves and smelling the water.

When I was around six years old I use to sit at the waters edge and play in the wet sand. Then I would rub the wet sand onto my skin and tell my Mom after it washed away how good and shiny my skin was. Little did I know at six years old I was exfoliating my skin.

This was perfect and complete for me. I had the peace of being at my favorite place that made me happy and feel good inside ….and I was doing something good for my skin.

I have never forgotten doing that as a child and even to this day when I return to my parents house on Lake Ontario I sit at the waters edge and rub the cool clean sand into my skin.

It cleanses my body and is so good for my soul…..

Last year I was walking through the mall and a man came up to me from one of those carts and asked if I wanted to try a salt scrub from the dead sea. My hands seemed dry so I said ok. He dampened my hands and had me rub in the Seacret salt scrub.  After I rinsed my hands they felt smooth and soft. So now when I am not on the beach I like to use this as one of my scrubs for my skin. (I have several others I like as well but will share those in the future)

Peac and Love,



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