15th May 2012


I woke up to a beautiful sunny day last Sunday. It was Mothers Day. We were heating the pool and planning a day of relaxation poolside and a dinner at dusk in our backyard. This is just what I wanted a chill day at home with my family. As you may or may not know for the past decade I have been the Department Head and my company (Cheri International) has designed and executed all the Makeup and Special Makeup Fx for the hit show CSI Miami.

In the television world the second week of May is vital. It is called the upfronts. This is when the networks “shop” their current shows and pilots to get advertising dollars which pay for your favorite television shows to be on the air. CSI Miami was in its tenth season. (That is a feat all alone not many shows sustain popularity that long) The show was hugely popular in the U.S. as well as overseas. (Aired in over 200 countries) All week I had been monitoring sites like Deadline Hollywood as the networks were announcing their fall line ups. CBS said it would announce their lineup on the upcoming Wednesday. So I didn’t check on Sunday…I figured nothing would happen on Mothers Day.

Now this was the first year there was uncertainty about CSI Miami. Every year our season would end and the cast and crew would wish each other a good hiatus (break from filming could last a month or two} and say see you in July. For many reasons there was a small possibility that the show would not return but based on its huge fan base everyone was pretty confident that it would be back.

So on Sunday I was outside with my little girl when my phone rang. Being Mothers day I assumed it was a Happy Mothers Day call.When I looked at my caller id I noticed it was from one of the stars of the series. They had called me to inform me the show had been officially canceled. This was a shock!After the initial news sank in we had a nice conversation remembering our favorite scenes and some laughs that we had, talked about the great cast and wonderful crew. (After ten years you really are a tight knit group) and I had to accept that that chapter was over a new one was beginning. I was grateful that I heard the news from a close friend and not some faceless media group.

On the series I had many duties but one of my main focuses was working on DAVID CARUSO. He played Horatio Caine and he was the real deal.  He is a true professional, a serious actor, and a friend. He was the backbone and rock of the show always bringing 110 percent to the show and was so dedicated to the fans. Always taking time to give out little gifts , take photos and sign pictures. The rest of the day I received countless texts, emails, and phone calls from various fellow cast and crew members. It was sad and heart felt with each one of them but that is part of the natural process of moving forward and moving on.

CSI Miami had one of the best crews I had ever worked with (Many of us were together on The X Files) so for some of us we had worked together for 15 years!I know each and everyone of them will go on and be assets to any shows they go on to. (We obviously are all hoping to work together again!) As far as our cast goes, they were all amazing people

Adam Rodriguez- (Eric Delko)…..I love you like a brother as a matter of fact as he knows he actually reminds me of my brother! That funny sense of humor and kindness, everyones friend!

Emily Procter-(Calleigh Duquesne)….A generous person who always remembered everybody’s birthdays and was critical in organizing fun things for the crew. A true southern belle.

Jonathan Togo-(Ryan Wolfe)..The funniest guy in the cast with crazy sense of humor that always brightened our days. We shed many tears from laughing in the makeup trailer!!

Eva La Rue-(Natalia Boa Vista)..a beautiful girl inside and out…always had a kind word and smile for everyone. She was truly one of the girls XO

Rex Linn-(Frank Tripp)..Wow a big man in every sense of the word. Big hearted, dedicated to being a great cast member and was always there for the crew also did so much for charities. Plus one hell of a chef(On his day off he would prepare incredible chili or barbeque and bring it in for the entire cast and crew) I will miss that! Oh and obviously the sexual tension you brought to the show!!

Omar Benson-(Walter Simons)…such a good actor that brought so much onscreen as well as behind the scenes….ok the truth comes out..he only came in the makeup trailer to make us laugh…He doesn’t wear makeup!!!

Christian Clemenson-(Tom Loman)..After Khandi Alexander left we never thought we would have a coroner that fitted the bill. Christian made the role work because e brought a different light to the coroner. Not only is he a fine actor he always made us hungry in the makeup trailer talking about food recipes!!!!!Ps maybe I will see you in Rochester  haha!

We were also to be so fortunate to work with so many incredible recurring characters and guest stars!

We always tried to make the Makeup and Hair trailer a place to let your hair down (literally) and have laughs. It really sets the tone for the day since we are the first people the actors see in the morning.

I also want to give a special thanks to my makeup department, Laverne Munroe and Maurine Burke.

We have been a team for a long time (since X Files) They are both talented makeup artists that individually bring there own special flare to the projects and together we worked in such unison. They are not only my partners but my best friends!!! We laughed our butts off and even when situations got rough we always found humor and laughter.I can’t wait to see where our new path leads us….

I also want to thank Matt Smith a talented artist who works in my lab. He literally can make anything and is a great concept designer. Matt is a very talented artist as well. I enjoy the artwork he has given me over the years Thank you! thank you!

So I started my day by my pool in a chill mood and you know what …my day continued to be happy and positive.

Yes of course you always grieve when something you love leaves or dies…but you have to BELIEVE…



I am excited for everything that I have in my life now and for the endless possibilities for the future….

You need to shift your focus, and open the doors that lead you down new pathways…..

Film is forever..

We always will have our memories of CSI Miami…and we all will take whatever we learned at that part of our lives to evolve and grow….

That’s Life

And I am so glad to live it


Peace and love,


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