25th May 2012


The school year is ending and people are starting to make their vacation plans.

Flying can be a hassle but a necessary way to travel for some due to distance and the saving of time. Today I am going to give you some tips on how to preserve your skin and your soul and your flight.

Flying is very dehydrating to the skin. This is due to the air pressure inside the carrier.


The night before travel use a hydrating night moisturizer .On the morning of travel cleanse your skin but skip the toner then generously apply your moisturizer. This helps combat the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure.


If you need to wear makeup base (foundation) put a silicone based primer under your foundation this helps seal in your moisturizer. It’s better to wear no foundation if you can because this let’s your skin “breathe”


Apply a generous amount of lip balm. Use organic based ones because the medicated ones are formulated to dry out cold sores …so in essence they make your lips dry out.


To help alleviate puffy eyes from the water retention flying causes is …when you arrive at your destination alternate between a washcloth with small ice chips and a warm washcloth. This stimulates the blood flow.


Have on hand a lubricating eye drop. This adds moisture to your eyes. Remember moisture is the most important component for your skin while you are flying. Get the red out eye drops open and constrict the blood vessels in the eyes so it takes out any moisture that your eyes has.


It is helpful to have a small hand sanitizer with you because there are so many germs everywhere in airplanes and airports. Most hand sanitizers are alcohol based which is very drying and why it “Cleanses your hands…for about 2 minutes by the way” So after using it you should have a nice hand cream to apply. Avoid creams with glycerin(very Drying) instead look  creams with things like Shea butter.

Those are some hints to help your skin feel better.


I get into my seat and give thanks that I am going to have a nice flight.

Then I close my eyes and surround the plane with blue light. Spiritually it is said blue light is protection.

Then I visualize angels supporting the plane.

Next I put my Ipod on to listen to music, or even use the time I like to listen to inspirational media.

Whenever we hit turbulence .I close my eyes and go with it. It’s helpful if you are listening to something on a headset.  But I imagine myself on a boat and we are going over waves. Since I am partial to the water this really makes me relax.

This are just a few things that I hope may be helpful to you when you take your next airplane journey. I hope everyone has the opportunity to have safe and fun vacation this summer.

And remember Hydrate,Hydrate,Hydrate!

Peace and Love,


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