25th May 2012


Today I am going to share my thoughts on Coconut Oil.

For many years and in many cultures the use of coconuts has been vast. From drinking the juice to using it topically.

I recently starting incorporating coconuts and coconut oil into my life.  I am going to share a few of the many good things that virgin coconut oil can potentially do for you.

There is something about the coconut that reminds me of a summer vacation.The straw in the raw coconut sitting on a beach or even the smell of suntan oil. (yea, remember when we used to actually put oil on our skin to fry it!)

We are finally catching up to the many cultures that understand the benefits of coconut oil.

The presence of LAURIC ACID,(found in breastmilk) CAPRYLIC ACID, and CAPRIC ACID are said to have the effects of fighting off harmful bacteria, and dealing with viruses.

Some benefits include;


Unlike mineral oil there are no side effects of coconut oil. Because of the antioxident properties it helps slow down the aging process by delaying wrinkles and saggy skin. Topical application also helps with dry skin, dermatitis, eczema and skin infections. Also it speeds up the healing of bruises by repairing damaged tissues.


Massaging coconut oil into your scalp keeps your scalp healthy, which promotes hair growth. Using a small amount into the ends of your hair helps repair damaged hair and split ends as well.

Weight loss;

People who eat coconut oil daily as their primary cooking oil are normally not fat. The reason for this is the composition of the fats that make up coconut oil help in taking off excess weight.  It is easy to digest and helps keep the thyroid balanced. By removing stress off the pancreas it helps obese people and overweight people lose weight.( If you can tolerate the taste you can take a half of teaspoon of virgin coconut oil daily)I do this and it really surpresses my appetite.


Coconut oil forms a chemical layer which helps shield infected areas of the body. According to the Coconut Research Center coconut oil can kill viruses and bacteria. It is also very affective on diaper rashes,bug bites, athletes foot etc.


Not only does the aroma bring back some peaceful memories of vacations and beaches. It also is very soothing so it helps remove stress. Massaging a small amount of the oil onto your head it helps clear mental fatigue.


Coconuts have fewer calories than other oils. It is often used by athletes and body builders because it boosts endurance and energy. It also doesn’t lead to the accumulation of fat in your arteries and heart.

Coconut oil is solid. You need to store it at room temperature( not in the fridge)

It melts at about 78 degree farenheit.

To use coconut oil;

For hair care; melt the oil in warm water or the sun.( Normally I always have a jar of melted coconut oil because I live in Los Angeles and if the inside of my house gets to hot it melts the oil. I then keep that for my hair!) never melt it in the microwave because that takes away some of the nutrients that are in it.

I cook with it. Substituting  my butter and vegetable oils. I also use coconut milk in my coffee now and to get a bit extra I take a half of teaspoon and mix it into my coffee.

As you know everyone’s constitution is different . This blog is about my research and how it working positively for me and my family. You need to make your own decisions about how you like the affects of coconut oil.

Hope this was helpful…..

Peace, Cheri

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