25th May 2012

Corn on the cob with American flag

Remember to Remember…

Memorial Day.

Not only is it exciting because in many parts of the country it truly is the kickoff holiday to start the summer weekends.

For me and my family we will hang out in our backyard by our pool and have a cook out with some friends. Living in Los Angeles you get spoiled because almost everyday it is sunny!

 But for my friends who live in cold climates and neglect their sunscreen until summer, you need to wear it.

 (Be on the lookout for a revoltionary sunscreen product which  I am developing. It will be available soon! )

Because of the holiday “Memorial Day” we like to do a special planting every year so when we look out into our garden we have a rememberance.

This year we are planting a naval orange tree (The blossoms smell incredible ) and a Haas avocado tree. I like planting trees or flowers because it is a visual to stimulate memories. Also it is a nice family tradition that I hope my kids carry on.

You know it is always fun to have an excuse for a get together but I try to teach my family about why the holidays exist. So after the daytime festivities are over and night falls we gather around our firepit and remember

Some fun things you can remember on this holiday weekend is.

Wear your sunscreen.


Eat lots of healthy and yummy food.

Laugh with your family and friends

And Remember to Remember.

For those of you grilling I am adding my favorite corn on the grill recipe

Remove the corn husks

In a bowl mix equal parts of worschester and soy sauce.(depending on how many ears you have determines how much to make. Then add a pinch of Stevia powder(natural sugar) derived from the stevia plant

Get three peppers one red,green,and yellow chop them up very small.

Lay the corn onto aluminum foil pieces cut big enough to wrap up the corn. Brush the sauce onto the corn.

Then put some peppers into the foil.

Wrap it up and put it on the grill.

This takes about 10 minutes. If you don’t have a high rack on your grill use moderate heat on the regular grill.

Hope you enjoy!

Happy Memorial Day


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