4th June 2012


Good Morning,

It is a beautiful day today and it is Sunday. Usually on Sunday mornings I like to start my upcoming week by doing something for myself. It  could be is a home facial or doing my  nails or I even enjoy sitting outside with a deep conditioner on my hair.

Today I am going to go get my eyebrows threaded.

I have been doing this for a couple of years now and I love it!

Now before I get into what eyebrow threading is I want to let you know not all threaders are created equal

The first time I had it done I loved my eyebrows. Then I went back about 4 weeks later.(You need to have them done every 3 to 4 weeks)and I had a different technician. She wasn’t experienced and if that was my first time I probably would not have continued to have my eyebrows threaded  But since I had had it done before I could tell the difference. So I suggest if you do try this ask around if anyone has someone they like who threads. Or when you find a threading salon ask who is the most popular in the salon. Eventually as you go there you can see the other techs and feel comfortable about going to another threader if yours isn’t available.  For instance I do have two favorites at the salon I go to, but everyone I have had do my eyebrows there has done a good job. You know sometimes we have personal favorites for a variety of reasons.

Okay let me give you a bit of background on what threading is…

Threading is an ancient art form that was originated in India but a lot of Middle Eastern countries do it as well.

Threading is a depilation technique. It is widely used on the eyebrows but  can  also remove hair on any part of the body.

The Arabic word for threading is knite or fatlah. You may see these words on some menus in the salon.

By twisting a piece of thread (usually cotton) into a double strand. This double strand picks up the line of hair and makes a clean smooth extraction.(This is fascinating to watch because they also use their mouths to hold the end of the thread for the right amount of tension)

Threading makes a very clean line and can be used to remove a uni-brow (for men too) or can give you a beautiful arch.  When you pluck or tweeze you are removing one hair at a time but when you thread they are taking out a whole line of hair. This making it easier to get very clean lines and shape.

I like it because there are no hot waxes or harmful chemicals put on your skin. It is very fast to do my eyebrows it takes about 5 minutes. As a result it is not expensive. 

 Have you ever noticed how beautiful the celebrities from India’s eyebrows look? Chances are their brows were threaded.

So, as I was saying in the beginning of this blog. If you want to try this look for a salon or technician who is experienced. You even can do some research a find a salon that is frequented by Middle Eastern or Indian woman. That’s always a good indictation…

Let me know if you like this as much as I do …



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