7th June 2012


Good Morning

I am so excited…. Today is the day I am going to sit under a laser, listen to my IPod and melt fat away!

Yes that’s what I said Relax and Melt fat away. This is what they told me would happen anyhow.

The laser is called Zerona. It has been FDA approved


There has been a lot of buzz around this. Originally it was invented to be used in conjunction with liposuction. They inventors later realized that it melted additional fat away.

First let me tell you a little bit about this machine. It is a non-invasive laser that works by stimulating the fat cells to the point where they burst. The fat is then transported through the lymphatic system and eliminated.

You need to do between six to nine sessions every other day.


You lie on a table with the lasers pointed to certain areas for 20 minutes on both sides. First on your front,then on your back.  So a total of forty minutes


Things you need to do after the treatment;


They recommend you wear spanx or a compression garment for 10 hours after the treatment, (Even on your off days)


You need to drink a lot of water (around 100 oz)


No caffeine


No alcohol


Limited fat


Exercise for 30 minutes a day


Take some supplements (like L carnitine, Omega 3)


The things listed above would help you lose weight anyways!


The cost varies depends on specials and where you go. Typically a series of sessions it runs between 1000.00 to 3500.00.


So I am off now to be measured and weighed.


I will keep you posted on how things are progressing and how the process feels.


Can’t wait to relax the fat off!!!


Peace and love,



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