10th June 2012


Good Morning. I wanted to share with you a delicious dinner I prepared on the grill last night.

Is it just me or do you all love the time of year when you can sit outside and use your barbeques. I know in Southern California Barbequing is a year around activity. But there really is something different in the air as it starts to get warmer and the shadows are different in your back yard. Even hearing your neighbors outside laughing or swimming. For me it makes me happy.


About a month ago as the weather was starting to really warm up I went outside to start our grill and I opened to find a HUGE RAT made his house inside our grill.  Okay maybe it was a small mouse but to me it looked like a HUGE RAT! In any case that grill was history for me. No way was I ever going to open it again (I seriously was traumatized) and there was not anyone on this planet that could convince me there was enough disinfectant or cleaners in the world to clean that grill after that rodent was in there.


So I guess I can start by telling you all about my brand new mouse free grill. And Rex Linn (the grill master) if you are reading this you will be interested to know…It’s an infrared grill made by Char Broil. I love it!

The meats are so juicy because the infrared cooks from the inside so the food doesn’t dry out. And you don’t get flare ups. The best part it is so easy to clean. I use a pumice stone made by Mr. BBQ.

Anyways since I got this grill a few weeks ago I have been experimenting with all kinds of different foods on the grill.


 Last night I thought I would use my family as my test subjects.. I knew everyone would be home because the basketball playoffs were on and I also thought they all would be distracted watching the game if the food was a flop!

But it wasn’t. Dinner was a hit and I want to share the recipes with you.

 Pre heat the grill to medium heat,

 First I grilled some asparagus. I coated the asparagus with extra virgin olive oil then seasoned it with salt and pepper and a touch of Italian seasoning. Then I put it on the grill (medium heat) for 3 minutes. Yummy!

 Then I made quesadillas.

The great thing about quesadillas is you can put almost anything in them.

 I decided to use Shrimp, Mango,Peppers and cream cheese.

 My ingredients were;

16 – 10-inch flour tortillas (I was making 2 each …counting on the fact that everyone would love them)

1- large mango chopped up

1 lb of softened cream cheese

1 -red and 1- yellow pepper seeded and minced (You can use any peppers that you like this is what I already had.)

1 lb of pre cooked shrimp

1 cup of melted butter


My grill was still at medium heat

I tossed the shrimp in three quarters of the melted butter seasoned with garlic

Then I put them on the grill just to warm them up. (As I said they were pre cooked)

Lie out your tortillas and spread cream cheese on one half then add the mango, shrimp and peppers.

Put the other tortilla on top and press together then brush the melted butter over both sides

Grill the quesadillas for about 5 minutes on each side. They will turn a golden brown.

Take them off the grill cut them into fourths and serve warm.

 I then turned up the heat on the grill to medium high. For our dessert.

If I told my kids what I was doing to the plums and peaches they would of said gross but when I served it there wasn’t anything left over.

So I took a bunch maybe 6 and 7. Peaches and plums. Cut them in half

Took out the pits.

Rubbed the cut sides with extra virgin olive oil. Placed the cut sides down onto the grill for about 3 minutes.

When I took them off the grill I served them with Vanilla Ice cream.

So good!

I can’t wait to make all of this again.

It was fun.

Who knows today is Sunday and another beautiful day maybe I will dream up another grilling experiment.

Let me know if you try this.


Bon appetite!


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