12th June 2012


Good Morning,

Today I am going to share with you one of my favorite new SKIN CARE TREATMENTS. I am not alone. Many of my celebrity friends are raving about this as well. By the way this is for men and women. Does your skin ever feel tired? Or heavy? I think you know what I mean. A bi-product to all the chemicals, stress, food, dirt, and hormones in our bodies (and also from hormones we eat in foods) can damage our skin.

The treatments I have fallen in love with are the oxygen infused facials by INTRACEUTICALS. They offer four different oxygen facial treatments. Oxygen facials have been around for well over a decade but this is different because each treatment targets different issues with infusing different ingredients.



Hydrates, Lifts and Tightens

1-Diminishes the signs of premature aging (fine lines and wrinkles) by hydrating

2-Helps tighten sagging and loose skin



Smoothes, Brightens and Balances

1-Brightens dull skin tone

2-Age spots and uneven skin tone


AXOTENE TREATMENT: (the most expensive of the treatments)

Smoothes and prevents

1-Helps slow premature aging of the skin

2-Softens expression and lip lines (like nasal labia folds, crows feet, frown lines)



Clears and calms

1-Diminishes the size and pore texture

2-Helps improve blemishes and controls oily skin conditions


Depending on what your desired result is or what your facialist thinks is most beneficial to you is how you would pick the treatment. The concepts behind all the treatments are. Layering of anti-aging ingredients combining antioxidents,vitamins and a multiweight hyaluronic acid. This is what is put into the oxygen infused machine, which is applied to the skin. It feels really cool. I mean both ways it is a nice feeling and it is cool. Completely painless. I have had the OPULENCE and the REJUVENATE treatments. Each time not only did I visibly see the results but my family and friends noticed as well. My skin not only looked amazing but felt amazing as well. This not only can be used as a quick fix to make your skin look visibly better, but with multiple treatments you get longer lasting results. For example: Once a week for 6 weeks is a good foundation. Then do a treatment every 4 to 6 weeks for maintenance.

This has made it very popular with celebrities. They can virtually have this done right before an event and it plumps, smoothes and gives their skin an incredible glow immediately. I am going to offer this treatment on my next film or television project to the actors. One of the makeup magic keys is, start with healthy fresh skin and your makeup will always look better! Some celebrities that have these treatments done are.  Jennifer Lopez. Madonna,Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, Naomi Campbell, Justin Timberlake, Fergie and the list goes on…

I know personally when my skin looks and feels better it has a positive affect on my psyche. I am HOOKED!

See if it is offered in your area.

Really, really worth it!

Peace and love, Cheri

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