13th June 2012


Well I wanted to give you a Zerona update.

In a previous blog I explained Zerona a non-invasive laser that breaks down fat in your cells and then the fat gets flushed out from your lymphatic system.

I have to tell you so far so great!

I was measured today on my fourth session. I have lost  11inches!

They measure your neck, chest both arms, abdomen, hips both legs and both knees.

Adding up all these areas it totaled 11 inches.

The nurse told me these results weren’t typical. Usually at the half way mark you are down about 5 inches.

I have been following the instructions faithfully, drinking all the required water cut down on fat and I have been doing my Zumba!!!

So I have 5 more sessions. I will give you my final total then. Actually I will go back one week after my sessions end then again in 3 more weeks. They claim you continue to lose for a month after you end your treatments.

I will keep you posted,

Peace and Love,


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