16th June 2012


Hello, Do you ever fantasize about going somewhere to have peace, fun and recharge your batteries with no responsibility?

This can be anywhere that has the ability to remind you who YOU truly are. I think you understand what I am saying.. It’s about getting away from your everyday life and your everyday responsibilities. For some it may be going on an extreme adventure, others may like camping or staying in a resort. Whatever it takes to get YOU into a free headspace.






This is more important than you might think. We all have to focus and shift are energies onto ourselves from time to time.Ok, that sounds like gibberish but it means we are all born as individuals then as we progress and grow into our lives we become someone’s child, friend, partner, business associate, parent and on and on and on…. Along the way we can lose our selves.

We have to take a step back away from the daily grind from time to time to remember who we ARE. We are often pulled in many different directions in life that we can become stretched thin and LOST. The result is fatigue, stress, insomnia, weight gain, and an overall unbalanced lifestyle. To be our best for ourselves and those we love we must take the time to get back to who we are at the CORE.

Now I am not suggesting that the different paths life takes us on aren’t great experiences like work, goals, exercise, raising children, careers, and hobbies. Those things make life rich with experience and variety. They are the SPICE of life. But they can also be abused or become distractions without the proper balance. This unbalance I am referring to can happen to the best of us, ALL of us. When this happens we must be honest with our selves and do the right thing. Sometimes that means listening to our friends, partners, and sometimes even our children to see the warning signs that can be hard to spot. But we must make the time and effort to do this for the overall health of our lives. 


By actually feeling the feeling (not remembering) you center yourself. This allows you to remain true to your natural self while being the best complete person you can be for all the others who depend on you.

I try to carve out a time everyday to take ten minute adjustment. This adjustment allows me to become centered and focused. You certainly can find ten minutes out of a 24-hour day. You owe it to yourself. Your loved ones will help you create this time just explain how important it is for you and them. They will understand and be glad to help out or pick up the slack.

When I take my personal time I like to go to the do have the OJAI VALLEY INN.

As soon as I arrive the relaxation and calm washed over me. Everything is suddenly lifted away and I am open to the serenity of life that is there for all of us. It feels like we’re in some far away country lush with rolling mountains and beautiful plant life. Which is amazing since it is actually only a hour away from our house.

I will let you in a little secret that me and my husband do as we drive down to Ojai.

We give ourselves a strict half hour into the drive to vent, talk business, and complain about things. After that we switch gears and forget about the outside world and shift our focus onto ourselves and our relationship. And let me tell you that feels so good to do. It sounds simple but you would be amazed how rare that actually is to truly get to do. We become totally free in our hearts , body and minds. We pray, exercise, play golf, eat great food, and meditate together. It helps us to remember who we are as individuals and as a couple. That is a priceless thing I must say.

This is so freeing! It is relaxation for your mind. It is wonderful for your body and skin. (They have incredible facials and body treatments) and you open up the channels to let new positive energies to enter your being.

Ojai Valley Inn is a five star resort. It has a world-class golf course and spa. The vibe there is incredible. You are so close to Los Angeles but yet you feel like you are staying at an Italian countryside resort. The grounds are absolutely beautiful in it’s vista views and natural aromas (they have cleverly planted beautiful plants that also smell wonderful. It creates such a peaceful feeling.)

The rooms are luxurious yet comfortable and very clean.

Our room overlooked the mountains with a huge balcony that had tables and chairs and even two chaise lounges. It is so nice to sit out on the balcony at night and look at the stars. We actually saw a shooting star the last time we were there!

For me, the visual beauty and the serene atmostshere at the resort is what I need for my quick fix escape.

I always come home with fresh eyes and an open heart.

I feel like me again, Cheri.

Then I slowly fill all my other roles that I am so blessed to have…

And I also have added one more”Meditation Feeling” and that is the peaceful centering I acquired at the resort…

I may not be in Ojai everyday in body but I occasionally go there for ten minutes in my mind…

I hope you have those special places you can escape to also,

Peace and love,



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