20th June 2012


Was it to good to be true?

No it wasn’t!

The truth is in…

The ZERONA results that is…..


I just completed my ninth session lying on a comfortable table, listening to my iPod for 40 minutes and flushing the fat off my body.


Drum roll…


I lost 17 inches!  Yes. I said 17 INCHES!!!!


They measure 9 areas on your body so I have lost an inch and one half to two and a half inches throughout those nine areas.


Was I perfect on the diet?

No (It was Fathers Day and all!)


But I basically followed all their directions.


Oh yeah… there was also that romantic overnight at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. So no, I didn’t wear my compression garment. (Not exactly the lingerie you would wear to feel attractive.)

And yes, I did cheat on those two days.

And ohm also… How could I resist some of the gourmet desserts they served at the resort? After all I was on a mini vacation! (Funny how we can find ways to justify anything!)


But despite me falling off the regimen just a bit, my results were still fantastic!


The next step is to continue wearing the compression garment for 10 hours a day or night

Drink plenty of water and do my 30 minutes of exercise.

 Next week I go in for another set of measurements.


Research has shown that you continue to lose the inches for up to a month.

The real test will be do they stay Off!!!


So I will keep you posted on the continued results.


Like I said before,

Chilling, listening to my iPod and melting the fat away it seems like it WASN’T to good to be true!


Peace and Love, Cheri

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