25th June 2012


This week was the first week of summer!

Finally the weather is changing and I know for a lot of my family and friends around the country it has gone from rainy and cold to very hot!!

Now this is great news for those of you that have been cocooned all winter but it is definitely time to pay attention to your skin.

Weather conditions absolutely have effects on our skin.

All skin not just your face.

We are going to take this slowly so you can digest what I am suggesting and learn to incorporate some of these things.

First things first;

1-    Know what your basic skin type is i.e.; oily, dry, or sensitive

2-    You have to have balance. Externally as well as internally

3-    Nourish, cleanse, tone and moisturize daily (not just your face)

       Meditate or just slow down. Stress causes havoc on your skin

4-    Be present in the moment (you would be surprised what miss)

5-    Laugh. Hug and love

How to determine your skin type

Oily skin:

 Is generally thicker and soft, moist with large pores .A misconception is if you have oily skin you always have breakouts. Yes you may get the occasional pimple from the oil clogging a pore but remember real acne is caused by internal imbalances.


Dry Skin;

               Has finer pores, thinner skin and lacks moisture (You know that dewy look)

Sensitive skin;

               Usually has the oily t zone and drier cheeks. Because of the combination it     causes the skin to be more sensitive to traditional products for oily or dry skin.

There are studies that show a correlation between nobody types and skin types.

See if this pertains to you.

Oily skin is associated more with larger frames, thicker reddish or lighter shade wavy hair.

Dry skin type is associated with a thinner frame. Thin frizzy or darker curly hair.

Sensitive skin types are associated with lighter hair shades and thick straight hair.

Next lets talk just a bit about daily face care;

You should really do your skin care routine twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night.

1-    Always remove your makeup

  A good way to remove your makeup on your face and eyes is to using a cotton pad soaked in your makeup remove (oils work the best) Use gentle pressure.


2-    If you mediate it is best to do this with a clean face.

(I have always practiced this ever since I was a teenager and got into meditation, I also never wear any fragrance and make sure I am as natural as possible when I get a spiritual space. This opens up your energies without blockages)

When possible it is always good to really cleanse and moisturize your skin after a work out.

    Leave your skin damp to apply your moisturizer. It absorbs better.

3-    When cleansing your face or applying the moisturizer always use upward motions and circle your eyes gently from the outer corners to your nose than up and around. The skin around the eye

4-    S is very delicate so you need to be very gentle. If you are using a finger always use your ring finger the pointer is to strong!

5-    Once a week (I like to do this Sunday evenings, to start my week fresh) you should do a deeper exfoliation.

6-    Remember give your skin a break….After your cleansing and moisturizing brush your teeth, do your hair, and just do something to wait 3 to 5 minutes before you apply makeup. It allows everything to settle into the skin and not be wiped off.

I know a lot of times when I am working on a movie or television series. I cleanse and moisturize the actresses face then they go get their hair done. By the time they come back into the makeup chair their skin is perfect for the makeup application. Remember if you start with a clean healthy skin you only need to enhance with makeup not use it as camouflage.

Next Balance;

You need to balance good external skin care as well as internal care.

What I mean is that no matter how good you take care of your skin and no matter how much money you spend on skin care products it is important to remember that what you put in to your body comes through to the external.

Whenever I am doing an actor or actress that has a big scene or event coming up I remind them to,


Salt retains water in your body, which can make your eyes puffy, and if there is too much inflates your skin, which changes your appearance.

Drink plenty of WATER. Water flushes out toxins and naturally hydrates your skin.

CUT DOWN ON CAFFEINE. (I love Coffee). I know this is hard but caffeine is very dehydrating and can literally make your skin crepey looking and enhances any fine lines you may have.

Eating as fresh and organic as you can really does make a difference .By cutting down on preservatives and chemicals makes a huge difference in your skin, (I will get into more detail in a future blog. Some of the information will blow your mind!)

Mediate, Be present and laugh;

You can do this any way you want. You don’t need an alter or anything special if you don’t want to. You can do this anytime you want to. When you wake up. Go to bed, mid day even while you are working out! .

All you need to do is find some quiet time where you are not distracted by outside influence and take time to center yourself.  When you take a few minutes to reflect you fell more refreshed and when you have a clear mind it shows. Your skin and face looks more relaxed and line free. And any worries or problems that may have been troubling you can be looked at from a new perspective. Stress does show up on your skin.

Laugh.Hug and Love

When you feel good you do look good.

When you feel happy or loved it shows. Loving doesn’t have to mean with a partner. It could mean your children.friends.family.your job or your pet. Just something or someone that you feel love for. Just try it.

Send love to everyday things and people in your life. When that miserable cashier is nasty to you send love their way when someone cuts you off driving send love their way. When your boss is being unreasonable send love their way.

 Here’s A little story.  One day I was driving to the set of CSI Miami. The day before was a particularly hard day. A lot of “personalities “. It wasn’t easy staying in a good space. So when I woke up the next morning I took 5 minutes in the shower to do a meditation and center myself. On the way to work I filled myself with love and I kept saying to myself. No matter how miserable people are today their problems won’t affect me. I am happy. So for about an hour drive I focused on my feelings.

When I arrived at work I had a smile. The people that worked in the makeup trailer commented on how good I looked that day. (See the internal does affect the external)

So everything was going great it was early in the morning and my good energy was infectious. Everyone around me was happy. Until……

This one person, someone I don’t usually have to deal with approached me.  Now this person is generally like an Eeyore (A real downer!) anyways with a smile on my face I asked how I could help them?

They proceeded to try to make everything we talked about an issue. I kept smiling and remained calm and I always came back with a positive solution.  This made this person uncomfortable and mad.

They said what is wrong with you? Why are you so calm and happy? I said because nothing and no one was going to affect me negatively. I was happy and everything always can be worked out if you take the negativity out of it.

They were not going to go there with me. (Their comfort level was much m ore in the unhappy feelings)

Finally I said everything was really okay it and hopefully they would have a better day.

So now comes the weird part of my story…

Five minutes later this person’s boss comes to the Makeup trailer. They said Cheri can I talk to you? I smiled and said sure what’s up?

They said the person that I just spoke with said I was acting weird and I just kept smiling and I wasn’t upset about the complaint they had.

I said, I heard the issue, it wasn’t a big deal. It was an honest miscommunication between someone in my department and yours and nothing bad came from it. So I told your assistant everything worked out and I am sure my assistant was unaware as to how they felt.

The boss looked at me and said why are you so happy? I told them nothing and nobody was going to effect me negatively. I then said I am sorry your assistant was unhappy with my demeanor but unfortunately for them they had to deal with a person who always looked at the “cup half empty” not me and I was sorry that he has to be around that sad energy.

He looked at me for a long minute..puzzled..   Then stepped forward and gave me a hug. He said you know. You always do have a smile on your face. I am going to try to remember that because it does seem a lot less stressful to handle things with a smile!

A running joke we had for the rest of the season was when we say each other we smiled and said keep smiling!


You will be surprised how much better you feel and look by laughing loving and hugging!

In the future look for my blogs that will get into much more detail on the above categories…

Hope you all have a great start internally and externally to SUMMER!

Peace and love,



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