22nd July 2012


Hi, I recently returned from a nice vacation at my childhood home.

I don’t know about you but I still have my old bedroom at my parent’s house.

Every year we go back in the summer and as you know it is very easy not really to notice surroundings that are familiar.

For instance when I bought my house there was hideous black curtains with huge mauve flowers on them. They were horrible but at the time I was working on The X Files and we did a lot of nights. So having curtains that blacked out my windows was optimal. So I kept them…..for years…yikes.. I became used to them and didn’t even notice them anymore. One day I had a friend come over and they came into my bedroom and said what the heck? And pointed to my curtains… As I said not only were they awful they did not go with any of my décor! I realized I really did need to change them, so I did and now my room looks comfortable and cohesive.








But getting back to my childhood room (Which by the way isn’t hideous) I just didn’t notice all my things from my growing up years.

I opened a cupboard and found an old diary from my school days. I started to read it and it really cracked me up. I shared it with my husband and as I was putting it back into the cupboard he said you should bring it home.

I said oh I have always kept this here but he said it would be nice for our kids (way in the future) to be able to see how my mind worked as a preteen and teenager.

I told my kids I was bringing my childhood diary home and they laughed and said wow you had a diary! I said yeah everyone did when I was a kid and had to remind them that people still do….Only it is now called a journal!

As I was putting my diary away when I returned home I realized the writings in there are priceless and a great insight as to how I became the person I am today.

We were having a nice family dinner that night and I suggested to the kids they start to “journal”. We talked about how it is good to have an avenue to write down your hopes and dreams and also a great way to write down worries and concerns. (Sometimes it isn’t so bad when you see it in black and white) and it also gives you a chance to think about how to achieve and solve issues in your life.

We all jumped onto our computers and found journals with covers that suited our personalities It was fun seeing how we all gravitated to something different but unique to our personalities. And I even bought one for our three-year-old daughter. Granted she can’t write but she does have thoughts and every night (or nearly every night depending an her level of exhaustion!) I ask her about her day and thoughts and I write them down for her it is great to see what a 3 year olds perspective is. It is really eye opening. Kids see everything so much more clearly then we do. It really is at face value. It is a wonderful reality check for an adult to keep things in perspective without a lot of complicated thought.

 As a matter of fact my parents are doing this as well but the are reaching back in to the past so the future generations they will have a knowledge and understanding of where our family came from.

I know this has added something special to myself and my family’s life you may want to incorporate into yours.

It is easy, free as well as, freeing and a good way to spend a little bit of your day.

Peace and love, Cheri


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